Adventures Galore


imagesI am breaking my blabbing rule for a brief moment because today was out of this world. First off I’d like to commend Toyota for making a mini van that can apparently sustain off roading quite well…that is until we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and made friends with some locals. I named the mini van Mantequilla (for any of you who watch south park you know what I mean….even though mexicans, aruba, butters, and mini vans have nothing in common..the mini van is Mantequilla). So this is to the mini van. You took a beating and we love you for it….I will never judge a soccer mom again for driving you!

We ventured to the Arikok National Park today. Not only did we go to nearly every location on the map including caves and the highest mountain on the island….we also went out of bounds and got royally lost trying to find a natural pool that only took a hike and a half to get to. I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking.

11483_10202042495158986_606489852_n 12110_10202042533999957_634952396_nDSC_0256





The trail we hiked, that everybody else drove…



Older sister and Scott enjoying the all natural pool.




Nothing like sibling bonding!

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